《Music》I Mean Us - UNICODE feat. 鳳小岳

To someone I care
I Don’t need to explain
You just know what I mean
If I fall into dust
You will still save all of me

You shouldn’t hold your tears
Go be someone much stronger than me
It is not that bad
Don't be the last thing wandering in the end

Feel it and I will be with you
The sea and the trees. From the cloudy spring to crowded streets
Feel it and I will be with you, drifting in the dark
The scents and the breeze are bringing the moments of the memories back
If I have to go, don’t need to escape
The fears and the sorrows of death, they’re all your imagination
I hope that you'll know if it is too late to say it
We were the fire, shone in the sky burned out of sight
分享 2021-11-18

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